Sunday, December 31, 2017

Just a love poem ( duet)

He :

Losing myself into you
Has oft brought me to a sense
Of fulfilment perfectly due,
As perhaps a bud feels dense
Breaking open just at the cue
Of the morning's mildest light-
Pinkish and orange hues
Whence touch the sky bright,
And I think I turn a flower true
Blessed by love of you,

The wine of Life flows in my veins

Since our hearts did intertwine;

Flowers now have a sharper fragrance

And Life is more divine.

Orange and blue are the skies

Under which I worship you;

Let never deceit and lies

Come between us two.

This magical Love and its essence

Overwhelms my Being and every sense.

Your smiling face I then reflect,

My petals drenched by dew

With sweetness of pollens set

Greet my blossoming new,

Losing myself into you

Has oft brought me to the brink

Of an overwhelming view

Of life and love in which I sink

Haply as ever as someone lured

By something pristine and pure,


Since I was young, I had dreamt

And for a great love did I pine;

All such dreams I locked and kept –

And today, you are mine.

The rosebud now becomes a rose

And the heart is a blue butterfly;

Fortunate I am that we chose

To together live and die.

Losing myself into you,

I think I turned a flower true.

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