Monday, December 18, 2017

All related to Love*


Seen him one horrendous rain filled night-
He was getting wet, alone,
I wanted to beckon him to my room
He reverted in brief - ' no!'
he had said,
Knowing the old man's unease, could not say more!

The night how far kept him away could not make that out,
In the morn
Saw all those flowers of the  jasmine tree
Had fallen,
Like pain,
Had he been the soul of that immensely beautiful tree?

From then on,
Every rainy night
I stay awake looking out
But he does not care to come,
Only that curious smell of jasmine-
Gradually enveloping me
And that white color of buds
Only tell upon me,
As if they ask me to dream
Without getting wet,
Without being burnt!


Have scraped all colors black and white from you
Scraped them out like dream
Then put colors more real
With green have I filled,
Wrapped from head to toe
And sent them away to the woods;
Now no amount of enmity would come betwixt us!

Life would now largely become songs of afternoons,
Hearing the gongs of copper bells would you learn
Every temple after being sheltered by green trees
The Gods would come alive;
If leaves would fall and stay on the yard of temples
Temples would become true
Places of worship -
It may happen that temples are not that very much clean ( devoid of fallen leaves which come floating in the breeze),
It may happen that the temples are not that bright, glittering ones by light so enflamed!

I have sent the zebra in different form
Only in memory I visualise zebra as black and white,
Once in dream have I found that cave where ancient and the modern meet - prehistoric and unchanged earth!


You have called me like a secret deep and large mansion,
Have shown me those large rooms,
Why have you  forgotten that one should not leave open those bejeweled branches infront of a beggarly person?

The breaking of a trance, it will happen sure!
Then on he down turned his palm,
Up turned it,
Taking exquisite shapes of a stance, a pose, the most beautiful;
That restless irresistible 'Ichcamoti' ,
Her breezy silken touch having worn
Stayed alone the bemused neighbour woman,
Just like a princess, waiting for the night...

{*note: it is a translation  of a poem  titled ' প্রণয় -প্রধান' ( Pronoy- Pradhan) by Shweta Chakraborty, done by me }

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