Friday, December 8, 2017

How oft I think of thee

How oft I think of thee
Just to have a life
Like Walter Mitty,^
Not a milquetoast kind
But with colors which bind
Would I just float away
Down that road which infront lay
Running down that road by the hill
And also by that sea which gives that feel
Of being part of a larger design
By which the Lord up there doth sign,
Would I go on forever true
Walter Mitty like so catching hue
Of life, unchallenged, savoured
Taste of ambrosia , in mouth so flavoured,
You might say it is all unreal
Concocted thing,
Life can never such beauty bring,
But then why are
We so alive here?
Poets and writers
Don't they dare?

(note: ^ Walter Mitty: a character of a story by James Thurber; also the protagonist of a flick based on the story)

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