Wednesday, December 20, 2017

carpe diem( kɑːpeɪ ˈdiːɛm,ˈdʌɪɛm)

' Dans une position feutrée
Une respiration douce saccadée
Sur ce corps de tendresse enlacé'
Within moments few
The soft afternoon hue
Will go fading away
And how lucky we two
Would stick together
Your dupatta turning a feather
How  would stay momentarily afloat,
How would I sing with easy throat
You so poised with me
As earth would be drenched by beauty
Of that wonder that catches the twilight,
Your face shining in my eyes bright
And mine in your mirror true!
Aha! The twilight whence giveth us hues
Of love, togetherness and genteel care
Love of dusk as we would sing like a prayer,
You would perhaps say there is nothing to regret
Upon my breast as you would serenity get,
And I would perhaps think of writing a poem
Our journeys through life - purely carpe diem.

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