Friday, December 22, 2017

Whence Thou take my hands

Whence thou take my hands
With love (whence you take me
to a different land)
How have I spent the night
Sitting right there by thy side,
All through I was so afraid
( touching thy hair, thy locks, thy braid)
If I have lost careless
Thy music which I just wish to trace,

Walking with thee
How am I made to see
How going afoot
I have pressed my boot
On thorns,
( O how am i made to born
To find thee one beautiful morn)

Then how have I found
Liberty seeking me
As if thy flute has somewhere been played
( O how have I been so afraid
To touch thy hair, thy braid)

Now that You have asked the sky
To come close to me,
So that can I just fly,
Like a seagull , white and fearless,
Pure as Thou drench me by thy bless
I just bow more to thy feet,
As all night by thy side
I just with words untold doth sit.

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