Friday, December 22, 2017

Ode to Eyasha*

Whence the morn comes
With dreams of serenity awesome,
Dews whence gather at the tips
Of blooms and freshened leaves
How do I think of thee
Eyasha, the Goddess of Tranquility,

Have You risen from the Dream
Of Ava , the elven myth?
Have You sown poetry too
With Grothar and Nehtor
As Thou from Carpadosia
Arrive with a magnificent view?

They say Thou art the one
Of the twelve Aeolia
They say Thou art True
The Queen of Ava,

How as the winter arrives
Tempting me more
To take a plunge in writes
How Your guiding force
Takes me more to that source
Of poetry , painting and musical lines,
How with the breaking of the day
I get merged with poesy,
Only to find what conjured
Thy dazzling lyrical form,
Thy immense overwhelming poise
Thy life, so enchanting, divine.

(*note : Eyasha : Goddess of Tranquility)

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