Monday, December 25, 2017

The Adoration of the Babe*

Came from East to Jerusalem
The Three Wise Men
And how they spake
" Which path could us take
To the Babe who has been born?"
How they carried they Three
(With the only object to see
The Babe smiling and mewling
At the poor poor hut, )
They the Three pious and smart,
How they following the star
Arrived with gold, frankinsence and myrrh,
And seeing the Babe at the trough
How they drooped down , bowed,
And Mother of the Babe and Joseph
They were simply left quite amazed,
' Something has happened it must be Good
For even before the Child came how I saw a sparkle
On the water and the feeding trough that did tell
Me something it must usher in
O what  an ambrosaic evening
We are so here to welcome
The Babe how into our poor cottage has chosen to come!'
Gushed out of pure devotion the Mother
For how people and shepherds
And The Three  Wise from East had gathered
Right at her doorstep the simplest one
How Joseph and Mary had seen the morn,
And the Three they stooped down and bowed
Feeling how the Lord's benediction in them sow(ed)
Love and only Love that overwhelms everything
How the day brought the purest meaning
To them and to the World at large
How  joy and love, the Babe by His smile, in all surged.
{* note: the painting attached for illustrative  purpose was done by  the gifted painter and artist Peter Paul Rubens ( 1577- 1640). }

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