Monday, December 4, 2017

Mother, if You have been the sky*

Mother, if thou have been the sky
And the champa tree, I,
With you without words
Would've I conversed;
The breeze from thou
Touching branches mine
Would've called me
With tunes for a dance, to thee;
Without words how can I
Pay heed to calls thine,
so my words doth fly
Falling on the leaves that shine;
Thy light to my dewy drenched soul
Would have whispered and told
Upon, making me sing
A song of joy (perhaps
As it would bring);
Then I would have made
All my buds to bloom pure
As they would have said
All the words, dancing sure;
The shadow of thy cloud
Floating in from somewhere
Touching mine for a while
Would again go away like a feather;
It would then become
That fanciful tale
And story of that prince
Who had gone beyond
kingdoms several;
He would have told me
Where lied that vine
Where lived the sea monster
Where the princess with beauty
Did everything bind;
Would have seen
those teary eyes
Of the queen
Heaving a sigh
And my leaf would
Tremble too
Seeing that
Heart rending view;
Then all of a sudden
Whence the rain
Would catch
The breeze even,
The drops of water
Would then dance
On my leaves
All by rhythmic chance;
They would then become
Thy recitation
Of Ramayana , epical,
They would then turn
The rains that fall;
Mother, if Thou hath been
That blue colored one
And me, a child small,
Thou would have been
The smile of the light
And me would just be
A trembling leaf
at thy sight;
You would have
From the sky
Opened your eyes,
And stretching hands i
Would just sing (for eternity);
Thou would be then
The starry night
(Not a feign)
And would i
Just give a try
To make flowers
Bloom everyday
( in words , stories and lays)
(* note: it is a transliteration of a poem of Rabindranath Tagore as can be found in page 609, vol.two, collected works/ রবীন্দ্ররচনাবলি , birth centenary edition.
The transliteration is my humble tribute to Tagore)

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