the listener and the God...

After listening to with all intent
The bass and the treble
Specially the bass which lowered and sharpened
To form a faraway feel
As if lifting away someone from the mortal world...
'this one is my music...'
He muttered
Still trying to grasp
The rhythm
That fell from the high to the low
From the low to form a stream like flow
running haply in its own motion...
a strange curious revelation
as if there should not be any cares
and there was actually nothing such...
a profound leap
a platinum height
a soul reaching the superhuman delight...

'who wrote its tune? pray?'
he asked...
and then someone did say
the listener...
was dismayed
and then he closed his eyes
and felt the tune in his soul
and he just stayed that way...
for some seconds
or it might be minutes
or hours...
and then
he nodded


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