sitting...on bike by a road

sitting on motorcycle
rested on double stand
by a slightly busy road
under the open sky
and a breeze flowing by
has its own beauty i think
for i sink...
into a blessed nothing
an oblivious way
of getting out of busy life
so meaningless sometimes
compared to the vast that sets in
gradually on my skin
like nimble feel...
as if life should be like this
and nothing else...

what's the use really of that hurriedness
which leaves one finally vacant?

i prefer quite the opposite...
specially on a summer evening
when the breeze is so young
and the road beside is long
with lightbeams playing on
i am loving this song
that is emerging slow
by this sitting doublestand
on a bike
and the sky
and the trees
and the breeze...
all coming to me
like the way they should be...
and never to be missed...


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