On the eve of another day..comes the night

A long tiring day see
How comes to an end
A perfect red black sky
A breeze with rainy sighs
And a festive bubbly form on streets...
A new year for some people to meet...

See how a day comes to a climax
A sleepy road stuck and still sluggishly on move at toll tax
Plaza open for the next life
See how the city takes a slow dive
Into a pool cold and soothingly calm
A new dawn will tomorrow come...
With what events non events who knows...
The kings will walk still with his minnows...
And farmers will still plant seeds
And the parks will be filled by shouts of colorful kids...

On the eve of another day here comes the night
To put a rest to all flimsy causes for fights
On the eve of another day a soldier me
sleep heavy on benumbed eyelids only can see...


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