meeting Hugo...

meeting him
his blue eyes
and cute face
soft curls upon rest
his head full of an idea...

he said
he knew...

meeting him
at his workplace...
repairing and maintaining
that golden and brown giant analog clock
full of levers and gears...

he stays there
round the clock
and in his spare time...
doesn't he have a dream to chase?
a dream of an automaton his father once laid
in his diary?

a mechanism...
he told me
standing a bit aloof
from the crowd
'i have no doubt
a machine is so perfect
having nothing extra than it did get...'
'spare parts? you need them na?'
i asked
not a machinist like him
-having no machinist's dream...

and he seemed overjoyous...
for the first time
at the station
in smoke...noise...dust
i saw him smiling just
as if it was the only thing
that did dreams bring
to his soul...

a boy,
with golden curls,
blue eyes,
excellent voice
a dream...

meeting him
me thought
it was his dream
that made him
so cute...
so good...
though a bit aloof...


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