Finding Eirene...

On a country green
Found Eirene...
Her eyes greek
Had so much of serene
That me thought me died
By Her cool that me to Her calm flied...

On the road greenish
She me emptied
And like one of the Horai
The keeper of Heavenly gate
She plodded me to take that asphalt blue dark straight...

Found Her Eirene
The keeper of peace
As if another form of Artemis...
With an infant white held in her arms
Like a mother clutching soft Her babe...
An infant innocent
Just like Ploutos,

O so much wealth Eirene
Onto me brought...
And me thought
Me died
A death of a birth...
A birth like rebirth,
On road green,
Had not i Her seen?
The mother of peace,
Like another Artemis...


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