Cause You are never , desafinado...

Have you noted on your strings
How the moisture brings
An unfelt feel of a calm, a cool?
As if born anew
A tune
By fingers Her
Getting generated?
Have you noted
The birth of an ascetic?
The seed of music
Weaving tales of monsoon in the wind?
Have you ever been to this state?
This heavenly wet
Of a song persistent?
A wonder of a day...
How She has that for all laid-
As if never even
Slightly out of tune...
As if She in you encapsulated
A perfume so french
That desafinado
Never can make you bleed...
Have you
Gotten that seed?
The primordial way to grow more...
The preordained direct,
Have you not gotten that downpour?
Like a birth of an inspire...
Like a birth of a dream...


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