Like a chanukah song...

Like a chanukah song
Eight nights and seven days
Three sixty fives
Fifty twos
Of dravidan hues,
You came Lord
Like a glitter in the dark
As if light hidden in tears...

Like a chanukah for all
Eight nights and seven days,
You came whence
With rainy days

Happy glory descends
Like the breeze of the sea
Like psalms
On genesis
As if Life in Your chalice
You for us all keep sans malice...

Like a chanukah song,
O the Song
You Your Brightest Self
How You for us all delve
To unravel the Luminous,
As if You ring the Bell within us...

And hearing You the Splendid
me Her finds on a monsoony street...
As if You send her for me there
As if You have given her Your songy lyre...


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