Seen them, through woody trail...

Seen them
Haven't i?
Through a woody trail
As if guided by a spell
Of being Free
Finding their mothers
The Green
The Deity Supreme
The Joie
Of all hearts,

Seen them
Have i not?
How bitten by hoofs raising dust
And an insatiable of The Last...
Through a woody trail...
By green and white so graced
As if it snowed there
Last winter
On that now pleasant green...
Have i not them seen?
Through the rocks
Descending the same
Their attitude
An imprint
Of their
Mothers so true...
As if Bluest of the Blue...

Seen them
Have not i?
Through eyes
Never seen
As if traveling small
Of the Life
So Big
So so long...

Like creating music of their own
As if they themselves owned
The woods...
A paradise
On earth kind...


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