Like an afternoon... As the road sang...

The road was long
The road had always been long
Of this short span of life
Still songs road sang
As if on piano
The road became
Sir Elton John...

The road sang
Gifts of His songs
As The knighted Star
On podium
And also
Outside in millions
Candle in the wind being blown out...

The afternoon had that being blown kind of a feel
As if it rained heavy somewhere...

But then
The road being long
Had other songs too...
Miraculous ones...
The songs of white swans
Flying happy like The Being
Be coming
From all small meaningless
Cares which would perhaps leave no trace
After this small
Of space...
Of time...

From all hassles
As if hassles would soon turn
Into a furnace on burn...
And ashes to all things
Possessive pronouns...
holdings ...
would turn...

The afternoon had a long road
And happy living on the broad...

As if broad the sky had herself stretched...
As if She had in Her the Best
Got blessed...

And Sir Elton John
As if on piano
'My gift is my song
And this one's for You...'


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