Monday, July 29, 2013

Like a Yamagata, the rain came,

Like a Yamagata
The rain came,
From ten
She danced and wailed...
Till She broke all chains...

Like a wish
She came
And a flood minor
There happened...

Like a lyric
She came
As if July end
She chose
To give lemonade to all...

And also
Like Rachel,

She sang
For betterment,
For shelters ,
For cozy fires,
For health,

But She rained her rains
Heavy so
For four hours without stop,
As if she danced, and sang and cried and sobbed...
That city got full under water...
O she rained heavy her rains so,
Boats now me sees on streets row...

Like a Yamagata,
She came so...

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