Like a miracle, whence She if a tune, heard by a river...

Like a miracle
Whence She came
As if a tune
Left in the teary wet
Of a breeze,
me from far
Heard her
As if there in the watery flow she lied
Her most pure
Her all adore
Her omniscience
Her moonless shines...

Like a Miracle
A tune like
Whence She came
As if a river
Left in music pure
Of a breeze,
me from far
Felt water
Flowing down
As if her happiness
Knew no bounds...
As if there
In the tune itself
She her self bared
Her Happiest
Her Best poesy graced...
Her whitest
Her most Sublime rest...

And me
Just bowed
To Her

As if me rowed,
A tiny country boat...
To her...
From far...


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