Like words failing, moist green,

Some wakings are like
Words failing
To be as expressive
As the moist green leaf
Bathed by blessings...
and me staring close
At her sleepy wakeful pose
Wet drenched like a refresh...
As if the leaf all night prayed
For Her...
Her innermost, innocent deepest
And so the Rains
Like Neptune's daughter has cometh
With Her shine
So softy, blurry, light,
As a wakeful calmed sight...

And me seeking Her
The greenish leaf
Dropping constant
By her ribs
Dewy shines...
On the streets...

O how The Leaf
As if
A haven in her spread
Caught absolut
The Mellowed,
The Most,
The Moist,
Drops by her tip
Dewy shapes,
Incessent like music
Painted inherent...


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