Diamonds like tears ...

Diamonds like tears
Hanging moments like
From leaves, petals
Generate drizzling dreams
Like touched by Him...

And me sees
The birth like a river from ice
Like the birth of music reaching all skies...

Skies nocturnal at Atlantic
Skies blue by South Pacific...

As if diamonds
Hanging momentous
As if songs
Those time and space surpass...

Microcosm elevating to
Hold a bigger wider deeper larger view,

Diamonds like tears
Hanging moments like
From leaves and petals
Cause the birth of rivery flow
As if for us to show
How He the ever present sings songs
How He flows quiet genteel in us all...

Diamonds like tears joyous,
Hanging cool momentous,
Hold life magnanimous such...
Like tears all alike,
Like skies all the same...


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