Whence she sang, 'look what you've done to me...'

Whence She in her
From up above a Paradise ,
an air
Falls ,
She when fills every part of her skin
me finds her
Singing nightlong
As if stardust falling upon her...
her soul,
her loved heart...

'Look what you've done to me...'
she sings ethereal
she touched by the blue
And like ice,
Set afire sings
Night long
Like a minstrel
By a lyre
Pouring her all,
her soul
As if bare...

me just her finds
Singing burning bridges
Bushes and hedges
As if she has run
The terrains all
The hills, the plains, the wild,
As if she has run the distance forty thousand miles
By the air...
Singing a fiery soothe
'Look what you've done to me...'
And me sees
Her Flight
To the Light
In her...


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