You've always Love...

he stopped
After a long time
Father Mackinze where His
Compassion white dome like dropped...
For the city,

The altarpiece had on it
Colors shining bright
As if the seats got colory light...

Through the glass italian art
Jesus like joie spreading
In terms momentary ,present tense,
Took his glance,

And at the end of the majestic Hall
Silence where eternally fall
he noted Him
Under the light
His face
A bit dimmed
By the gravity of the situation...

Smiling soft to him...
As if him by His eyes He asked
'Where have you been?'

With tears of joy
Knelt before Him...

His whiteness haloed the Hall
And he touching the floor
By his head fore
'To You Father
To You...'

The wind so far blowing cool outside
Upon entering the Hall
Swept him,
Touching his sweaty arms
his tired aching legs...
he closed his mortal eyes...

Just then,
Song like She he envisioned
Somewhere wandering in a garden
And singing joyous Love...
In white flowing garment
As if she be
Came as a Dove...


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