A morning as if waking up to a seashore...

This waking up
Is like visiting a sea shore...
For winds carry salty smell like oceanic,
And the sky carries the dreams of boatmen
Returning home, sleepy,
As if they after the long night of hauling
Having a brief sleep, sitting on the bow, going flowing
By the tide Home like,

And those tall palm and coconut trees-
They are swinging in the free breeze,
Their happy minds get them to swing as if
singing, within, they together, a chorus,
Filled and made happy by the free sea breeze...

This waking up is Santiago going out to sea kind
Out of his shack, pulling his dreams together tied,
A radio transmitting weather report and a small boy, his friend,
Following him...

This waking up is like a voyage renewed
Watered, manured, refurbished, envigored,
As if Ullysses...
Calling in his friends to garner Hope and courage
To take a plunge to a new day,
A beginning
Of a life,
A time,
As if there is no indolence...
As if there is only voyage...


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