Every moment You send me prize...

Every moment
Of this small life
You the kind
The mother i find
Delivering me prizes...
Like ethereal messege...
A moment of a passage
To Your blessed soul...
Your the Best feel of the Deep
Where Your wealths You keep
Like diamonds on sparkle
Rare ...
Every moment thus You deliver
Surprises fair
At my door...
Not knocking...never
But by Your deepest silence
A proper Providence...
As if You for some reason unknown me chose
To supply Your daily dose
Of Your awesome...
Your Diamonds...

Like Tykhe
Fortuna You come
Rivery flow like
Not kept blocked by a dike,
O You Eutykhia bright
Rivery flow like
You deliver...
Gold petals on shine
On small time so silver...

Every moment of a minute
Every second of a generation automatic
You deliver
Signs and Symbols...
In a language so simple
That complex
Of a spiral
They supersede...

Every moment You pass on
Your words
Your deeds


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