When night rain stays...

With the drops of the last night's rain
Staying, as they remain
On me, my leafy garment,
Like  drops of memories nascent
me takes the road
Made porous by calls of birds,
Twittering in delight
As if with the morn they have seen the light
Of another day...
Another stay
On this paradise here...

the road not woken
Has the sunken wet
By last night's shower perfectly set
For breeding of poems...
And poems me finds
Written in beauteous lines
On my eyes,
Dreams transient...

With drops of last night's rain
me traveler remains
Accumulating as much
Wet on my leafy green
And goes me out
To take that road
Where She might be standing
White a flowery tree
With her cool, a felt not seen of a beauty...

For am i not allowed
His providence,
One time more
Like a deep aesthetic sense?

With drops of last night's rain
me takes the road as it remains
Cool, sleepy, woken, moist-
A beauty the same...


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