On a cliff, amidst peace and gongs of bells...

Standing on a cliff
Amidst unprecedented cool
Of greenness,
By gongs of church bells
From a white white traced
he felt living life fully bent
Towards Him...

O how he
Once there at the cliff
Amidst greenpeace did see...
And those gongs
Sombre echoing like a blessed song
Taking him moved -
Moved to the most
And there he just stood like a sky overcast
On network ethereal unpost,
As if by standing there mere
he felt the cool breath of his divine lover...

She must be feeling the moist green
She must be connecting,
surely connecting...
And she there
Somewhere must be listening
'If I saw You in Heaven...'

At ten minutes to a morn of seven,
She must be singing,
she must be listening...
'If i saw you in heaven...'


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