Once saw you out on the street
Like a circle of beady Hope
Left in strings of lights...

Once saw you like the winged bird
Over a tower spreading your arms...

Once saw you like a blossom soft
Blooming careless on my lawn...

The other day you did descend
In terms of prose and a latin poem...

Yesterday purely french
You left me unbound with Joycean sense...

Found you
Have not i
In my eyes?
And beyond eyes even
As a death did i die?

Found you in the eyes of a white mare
Looking at me, fixed, a holy stare...

Found you very early one beautiful morn
Like an aroma of Agape building strong...

Found you walking on a blue green sea
As if in you Him did i see...

Found you
In a park
Standing white like a statue stark...

Found you
Giving away
Jars of water
To the children
On a scorching sultry day...

Found you
O You!
The Miraculous One...
Found You
O You!
The Whitest Swan...


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