you the lake eternal, can't be in a jug contained...

You the lake so placid and calm
Can't be brought overnight home
Instead wish to fill my empty vessel
With your watery cool lessons...
And from that would I everyday drink
And bit by bit would I sink
Into you, be submerged
With you getting by phases, merged!

It would however be a meager effort
To get you in bits would just make me float
For a few  temporary moments though...
But never would then I come to know
How the jewels and the lovely dazzling little stars
Underwater you secretly keep in shells of  oysters... 

But then think I to those lucky few belong
Who by mere fate heard the prelude of your song...
 I consider myself a privileged one, friend...
Whom you allowed once to swim across
From one corner of your lake to another end
And to gather a few jugs of water and be at loss...
How to carry your vast deep sense sublime
How to assimilate your whole lake placid and calm...
I know it fully, be assured...that you the lake
Can't I in mere jugs or vessels to my home take...

But don't you know even the swimmer has the wish
To quench his thirst insatiable and be the easy fish
To dive and swim and move fast and slow
In your cool lake...being  my eternal refuge so?


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