run away you should....flee you must!

When you could so easily wake me up
By your soft soothing touch
On me a sleeping child
By your whispers mild...
Why then you didn't think of the consequence?
Why then you didn't foresee all the fences
That could come in between you and me?
Why now you contemplate
To run away with dread?

If you can't really stay
If the daily schedule in such a way
Create constraints irreversible...
You now, as I am somewhat weak and feeble,
Put me again back to sleep
To my purple dreams that still through the mist peep...
And run away...

Run just away from me
As cruelly you can be...
Go away as fast you can
Putting a totalitarian ban
On me, my verse, my blood
On the doomsday ushering flood...

Run away maid...
For I know you dread...
Greater mishaps...catastrophe
Losing your cherished Champion's Trophy...
For nothing...for no cause just
Run away you should...flee you must!


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