Friday, March 9, 2012

black sun...

Do you know, when for the first time you I saw
In a black saree, with golden lace embroidered
Thought you're the celestial mystery which light towards you draw
Like black hole Einsteinian example raw...

Heard light loses its path even when it you meet
On its busy, straight, breakneck speed
Heard several poets and artists tried imagination strong
To portray your beauty on their artworks long
But you the real is far more surpassing
An overwhelming sense of an invisible string
Which keeps me forever with you tagged
Even when quite a few miles from you I behind lagged...
Heard you give birth to nebulae and other lively stars
Heard you're also the origin of Earth, Jupiter and Mars...
And the moon, the Sun and systems several
O black hole you're so you every body fall!

Some say if you're there
That means this universe is unlimited
Some say in your black hair
The astronomical mystery you bred...

So being a pitiable man yet to find
Ways to decipher mystery undefined
I just move in circular motion
Around you black sun...

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