tramless motion of my city...

Like the tram line of steel implanted and fixed
Into the asphalt before my home
Upon which trams no longer come
You left marks on me jinxed...

When the twilight lend copper shine
On it after the day...begone
You arrive right there lone
Like an artist performing mime...

I look at you with wonder
Fantasizing the drops of rain
And the noise of distant thunder
Reliving my pain, so secretively waned...

Dream of the tram's smooth run
Days of togetherness and fun...
Days of riding through first class
Sitting face to face by the window glass...

As if saw you there me before
Brownish silky hair of yours
Running easily on your face
Sitting with you in a blank tin case...

We moved through the city fine
Following the tracks serpentine
People and shops also moved back
We're then so by love struck...

Then at one particular point
With your palms mine joined
In the tin case on wheels
I had taken my death-pills...

O what a day was it!
Before you I was allowed to sit
How a moment made eternity
With you on a tour of the city...

From the Babughat to maidan
Running after the setting sun
Copper filled dreamy light
Holding on to your palms tight...

Now still the track runs
Every day before me burns...
In the copper twilight reality
A tram-less motion of my city...


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