on your acid, wish could pour, buckets of base...

You sometimes storms evoke
Being the vortex 
You sometimes rip me apart
An acidic venomous text...

You sometimes so fiery
That I turn into non entity
You sometimes so cruel
That I fear your thrown-away pity...

Sometimes you are sombre
Like the grave yard at dark
You sometimes a phantasm
On my mind how you lurk!

But somewhere deep down
I perhaps know your frown
I know the reasons perhaps
Why you pant and severely gasp...
I know the causes tight
What your strangulated poetry fight...
But knowledge has its limitation...
Can't move the earth to another station...
Mere knowing helps me not
Mere knowledge can't change the lot!

Wish could have been another man
Ignorant but with a magic wand
Wish could one easily sweep
Acid rains twenty thousand miles deep...
Wish...to bring in ecstasy
To you dear, a winged fantasy!
Wish to bring in a paradigm shift
Wish to help you catch the drift...
Of the air that overwhelms me
Of the tide of the bluish sea...

That would've neutralized
All your distressing malaise
On your acid wish could pour
Buckets of base, more and more...


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