Can't you eke out a little time
For me, a few minutes only?
In between your busy zagged timeline?

A few minutes of restful peace
A few minutes never to miss...
A few grains of your hour glass
That never fall through, never pass?

Can't you for me dispense
A few moments like a century dense?
A few lovely drops not beleaguered 
A few links not by your real world severed?

Can't you do that once a while
Closing your excel sheets filled file?
Can't you stop and have with me a coffee break
And to the fathomless deep me you take?

Can't you miss the last train home
And with a bouquet of flowers come?
To me at least once as an exception
Brushing aside deadlines and recession?

Don't know if you're capable of that
To leave aside all queries, worries smart
To traverse a short distance long
To conceive for me a devious song...

But I know for certain a few things
How your firefox still search the missing links
Once pasted and booked as your favourite mark
With your arrow shaped cursor clicking it dark...

I know that still your sweet invincible browser
Carries HTML dots and slashes of me, the loser...
I know... it only requires your singular click on mouse
And your smiles...with which you could my unrest douse!


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