Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lioness ...and the prey...

There are also some rare occasions
When, in the midst of my vegetative session
You come with all rawness
Wild, born-free, like an African Lioness!
I with fright coupled with admiration
See you on the prowl, in super-slow motion...
There slowly on tremble, your mane
To me come to stake your claim!
Coming near, you make a gesture royal
All my fears you just foil
Neither you jump, nor you me tear
You stop near, with your eyes, my doubts you clear...
I then notice blood in your toes
Oozing red, your weary hunt shows...
You stop, my lioness, as if you need care
So I move towards you, towards you I dare!
Wash your hands, wash your soiled feet
Beside you, I hesitatingly sit...
Then don't know why, my fingers I let play
On your breast my head I lay...
Hear how then your heart thump
From adrenalin excess, feel you slump
Feel also how you miss a sleep
Insomniac mind how you secretly keep...
I pat you soft, without any dread
Singing a lullaby for you by me made...
Then you just close your eyes
Lioness you, give in to my love-device!

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