Had I been a tree...and you the spring...

Had I been a tree
You my spring, could've given me...
A new dress of leaves so young
A new lease of life replacing the old one...

It might be too fresh
Me standing there by the road in a new dress
A dress made of young leaves transparent
A dress gifted by you so apparent!

Had I been a tree...
Naturally tuned to you my spring
Then surely you could I distinctly see
And for you would never forget to bring
My best flowers with sweetest smell
My best attire and attitude would never me fail...

Then it would have been the real good way
You by me and me by you sway...
That would have been the most beautiful event
By you spring, all my dresses sent...
And me also dressing up to you pleased
Life would then just roll on to novelty without cease...

But alas! I am not yet turned to a tree
So my beauty you never see
For the reason still being the same
I just in grey fur covered remain...
Though you bring flowers to every tree
You can't make a flowery me!


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