indolent city...on a springy, sunny day...

Walking across a sleepy street
On this sunny bright spring
Touched my sap filled pith
All the indolence did it bring...
Felt like there was too much of peace
Felt as if the city was without pulse
The madness I so much missed
Only felt the soft rumbling of waterfalls...
I walked through the shadows
Of trees falling here and there
Watched how little swallows
Hopped and danced on my city's lair!
The cars passed by
Windows black reflecting
The noiseless city how ply
With softness how did it sing...
Watched the city girl there
How with her friend shared
An icecream cone pink
Where the alley with J.N.Road linked...
Saw the tall buildings wearing the rays
Of Sun, on their glassy shiny facades...
Saw empty parks with leaf strewn beds
Saw how the Mughal stagecoaches
Towards the monumental laziness led...
On the maidan vast and open
Saw people out of their bonsai pen
Stretched out under trunks with white and red paint
O how my city only drowsiness lent...
On this springy sunny day...
As conditioned, I with my sap lay...



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