By what name will all these be called?

By what name will I call it?
When the season comes like an unexpected treat?
When the summer is on her way and
I on the motorway somehow land
With the same old chassis but a mind new...
And asphalt road begins to melt
And the spring and summer both can be felt?

By what name can I call you?
A mere friend who with me once rode
A few kilometers down the springy summer road?
A mere lover with whom I transcend
A few city streets and alleys that to urban bliss bend?
Or a presence like some kind of a vapor unmistakable
Coming to me sometimes like a strong image...sometimes feeble...

I on the vehicle to and fro the roads still run
Being kissed on my neck by you, I turn
Left to the red red mosaic plates...
On walls, on pavements, on rusty iron gates...
I turn right again after some time
Finding a tree so green and sublime...
Full of political hopes and social uplift
O with you on my back, I just perpetually drift...

By what name will you call me?
A man engaged into kind of blasphemy?
Or a man vagrant and young
Always tempted by your summer evening-song?
Or just an old chassis and a mind in flux
Running after beauteous folds, dawn to dusk?


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