a white canvas and a poetic ecstasy...

Seeing the canvas white of you so spread
Front of me laced with cool afternoon shades
Of lonely village roads and shops unopened...
Methought how beautiful it would be to paint
Your all with my flamingo spirit untainted...

Methought the walk down the alleys would forever last
You by me walking smoothly just
As the days smoothly pass the baton of dreams to nights
As nights pass off to sleepy mirages awakened finally by the lights
Of several shooting suns set by passion ablaze
Months feed on the passage of countless days...

Seeing you thus spread like a white canvas
Wish my days and nights would forever pass
With dreams so savory full of love newly discovered
With a strange sense of fulfillment me thus showered...

All paints and poems become so useless
When they come across your white printed dress
O how I am gifted by wings of fire really flightless
O how am I bowled  over by your existence whitest ...

God!when you provide me with such canvas bright
Bestow also on me molecules charged with poesy right
So that I could burst into a massive nuclear explosion
Could I catch my love always in dreamy motion...
God! make a day like this come again and again
Rocketing me up and beyond all prosaic plane...


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