Jogging fast, by you reborn…

When you meet me on my city’s street
I don’t walk, I jog, tuned to your radio beat
Faithlessness just vanish fast
And I jog through the flowing dust
Seeing you cycling through
And with you candid talks I renew…
My hands free device set me alive
Through the music street I drive…
Hear how violins my dreams play
All over me, on such a lovely day…
Life becomes suddenly uncluttered
My Moulin Rouge shows what it really mattered
Little hands waving good byes
With unbundled joy in their eyes
Sparkle like sun rays on blue lake
My hands free device to you me take…
And I don’t walk, I jog fast
Drinking life till I last…
Sipping and savoring every bit
You coming to me on music street…
A certain feathery angelic  flight
Making me  so unburdened, so light…
So I jog, so I like a jet fly
Cutting across bill-boarded sky
And crazy pink cotton balls stick
To my tongue as you me pick…
Unrecognizable but so your love cycle
Like coin operated that machine foretell
How I am bound to you as I jog fast
So by you reborn , living love-laden  just…


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