mister destiny...

Don't know why you to me thus came
But believe me, passing the corner of my city same
Thought I saw you there with a broad smile...
Asking me 'How are you? mate?
Forgotten your house's gate?'

I looked up to see you there
And I saw you so real dear
That I stopped dumb and for a while stood
Thinking whether my wits were still working it good...

For there you stood like my destiny
And asked me into a pub tiny...
Following you I entered through
The swinging door getting a view
Of the same pub seen in a movie
With same stools at the shiny lobby...

'So...what is your trouble, say?'
You pressed my shoulders
And next,moved towards me a tray
Saw a glass tumbler on it
And you signaled me to have a sip...

I just like an idiot drank
And felt my head got heavy and my feet sank...
And sat down on the stool front of you
While you supplied me with life's unrevealed cue...

'Now that you my potion did drink
You're going to get all you about always think...
Your life will be full of love and wealth
A mansion would be the place you dwell...'

Saying all these you just disappeared
Into the thin air... just what I feared...
So I came out of the pub not bright
Walking home with a heart, filled with delight...

O god! what you said became so true
My hut got really a renovation new
But where all the members gone?
How can I live alone?

You changed and flipped the cart
You changed everything so smart
But I think I miss the earlier state
My garden, my home, my white wooden gate!


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