fast and slow...

I am so aged dear
And you're so young...
Tell me how could we co-produce
A love story long?
I've walked forty nine hundred miles
And you only thirtyeight
How could we bridge the gap
How could we shorten time straight?
With your bubbly heart dear,
You run so fast
How can I catch up with you?
Like you, I can't kick up dust...
So I go slow, huffing with aches
And your speed racer
I know ...don't possess brakes!
So you go real fast, at lightning speed
And I just stand here,at your homestead
I would just wait here,
Watching you taking off the road
Your quicker speedometer
Can ever bear my load?
Fast and slow
What a strange meeting dear!
I might fall off
And you sound-speed tear!


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