Don't know whether it was your hidden wish
That I went towards you...O my bliss!
And perhaps you were for me there dressed
So beautifully around your slender waist
So for me you wrapped that silvery lace...
And I being struck, by you and thanked my luck
To bear witness to your beauty grand
Taking me far away from this uneven land
Of pains, tears, sobs, cries,
Of volcanic eruptions of devilish lies...

O my childhood's friend!
With gratitude I just bend
My knees before you my bliss
Cause how you arrive only to kiss
Me and make me understand my mind
How for you relentlessly pined...

Sitting before you on the grass
While you for me opened your vast
And unfathomable shiny dazzling figure
Simmering like a liquid tempting river...
O my love! how you pull me up every time
When fate plays on me his cruelest dime...
O I feel I must've been really selfish
Only to seek you to get my bliss!


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