flowers could wake...after the quake...

Sometimes God knows how
You come to take a seat by me and somehow
By saying simple things sudden
You just leave me maddened
And make me cry like a child
So moved by your lovely rebuke mild
As if you're exercising your right
On me which only love can decide...

I only pay my obeisance
To my fate for giving me chance
To be by you so overwhelmed
By so much love, being wrapped without end...

Wish you would forever me chide
Showing me the ways like a true guide
For the road is always a big maze like
Full of thorns, troubles and weedy spikes...

God! who ever knew even rebukes can be
So much with love come to me...
Who ever thought flowers could wake
After the earth is shaken and ruined by the deadliest quake?


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