if you had left your shoes...

Now that the night is silent and somber
Barring the shouts of street dogs, I just wonder...

Where have you gone?
Are you from me totally withdrawn?
Thought would find your last few steps
Leaving a few dusted remakes
Here and there...on the road that bent
Towards the sky carrying alibi faint...

Thought perhaps you would be deliberate enough
To leave a few insteps on my green grassy turf!
Thought again you would shock and surprise
Me, by sending through delivery man a big boxed prize!

Thought you would leave your finger prints
Patches of your nimble fingers on red ribbons and strings
With which you've left me here forever tied
Thought perhaps you would leave your shoes at my bedside!

It would have been another story God!
To match your shoes feet I sought...
 Perhaps that could have helped me to write
Another fanciful story of a missing glass slipper
And the prince who by feet test chose his bride!


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