where have you kept your heart?

Where are you?
I don't know...
If I'm now thirty three and half years old
You're sure as much old by now...
Got married... aren't you?
Got kids? I'm unsure...

Do you still have that lovely sea green dress?
And that pair of studious spectacles?
(Through them your eyes...
Once saltwater lined as they did shine...
On me...in an Ernest Hemmingway class
Wiping off all my brown lonely dust...)
Do you still wear that curious smile?
(With which once you sat on a stone mile
Waiting for me...long twenty minutes...
You know...you still in my dreams there sit!)
Is that red stoned ring there still on your left ring finger?
(O! I still feel...the play of your fingers
On my unshaven cheeks...they still linger...)
Do you still draw doodles?
(At the back page of class notes...photocopies...
I remember you inking my name...a  catastrophe!)

And,by the way, where have you kept your heart?
After, like a meteor, falling from me apart?


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