That slender tree
Like  female form
All over me...
Gave birth to you...
And you when blew the kiss
Carrying scent of wild blossoms
Which in my loaded concrete scape I often miss
Felt like being into you so much
Thousand algae grown on me by your mossy touch...
And embracing me you then creepers plant
On my mind, my heart, my diseased land

You wanted a green revolution in me... can't you see?
How much green have I become?
How in my bosom I let grow forest ranges some?
How in my every pore of skin
Pollen beads...with generic desire over-brim?
How in my blood chlorophyll produce
Million megawatts energy I every moment diffuse?
Can't you really all these perceive?
Greenness spreading in me wide and deep?
And I becoming the rain forest of Amazon?
And taking to a hypodermic meadow form?


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