Iris my maid Latina
Come onto me...
Come you may as you choose
To take me to a Mediterranean cruise...
Across the navy white...across the algae green...
Come my latin maid...on my silver screen...
Come as angels descend
By some unknown providence
Like a benign soft blessing right
Come on me...cure me with your loveliest sight...
Your hair curly brown cascade
Your smile bettering Monalisa...I bet!
Come to awake me
To a lesser but still a Da Vinci...
Come to my fingers like a flow
Doors of the World's Greatest Show...
Of Iris splendor Iridium bright
Come to me to wrap me with a rainbow-light!
With seven ribbons of wondrous refractive length
Come on to me like Godsend...
Empowering me with a frenzy so blessed
Take me to liquid tiny wherein you whiteness made
Colors breaking out  into a wild vociferous loud
Come to me like a religion devout!


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