Wonder sometimes....losing the count...

Wonder sometimes losing the count
Of days, months , years, of not seeing you paramount
Coming to me, with a big round dot
On your forehead glistening like a beauteous spot...

You coming to me watery wet
As a post rain session all set
To wake me up from my slumber right
Like a white flower blooming conspicuous for the night!

I have lost the memory of your physical taunts
You dipping me breathless into your deepest pond...
With the reflection of the white circular thing
Right on you guiding me to swim...
Passing by the hyacinth afloat like bouquets
Your watery invigorating sense leaving me tokens
Of being so much into you like a dream
In your pool so cool, me on swim...

Wonder sometimes are you still the same?
Do flowers bloom on your locks and mane?
Does the moon still shine on your watery pool?
Do you still carry bouquets on your water cool?
Does someone like me, in your pool,crave for a swim?
Does on your forehead glow a big round dot not dimmed?


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