why love me such...so late?

If you thought you would come
To me like such a wondrous balm...
If you thought you would spoil
Me in every possible sense, being a counterfoil...
If you really thought you would thus me touch
Sending deep shivers through pores of my skin such...
If you're so predestined to me unwrap
With your fingers if you would my softness tap...

Why? why you came so late?
Don't you know 
Its the time to hang heavy padlocks
On my rusty gate?
Can't you feel I'm all spent?
Can't you make out I got nothing to you lend?
Can't you see I'm so tired?
Can't you see my fate is mired
With all sorts of struggles and ox like pains?
Can't you see those heavy chains?
How they bind me to my slavery tight...
How every day I get eroded right...

Why then you come to me now?
When from life I am taking a bow...
When I am slowly but surely on the wane
Why love me such...ain't it all vain?


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